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Chrono Series Database

About the Page

Origin of the Concept
After working on the Ultimate Chrono Trigger Trivia Page, we decided to take on a bigger task and create a page devoted to all the information we could find about Chrono Trigger. Upon hearing of Chrono Cross, the sequel to Chrono Trigger, we decided to include info about that game as well. Thus, the Chrono Series Database was born.

CSD Chronology
For a brief history lesson of previous versions of the CSD, you can check the CSD Chronology section.

The Authors
If you really must know about the individuals responsible for this page, check out the About Us section of the page.

The Tools
We used the following tools in the creation of the CSD:
(Please, no comments on how you feel about our utilities)
- Adobe Photoshop (5.5, 7.0, CS)
- Notepad
- WinZip (8.0)
- Ulead PhotoImpact GIF Animator (4.2)

The Thanks
Thanks to Jesse "The Whitest Asian" Fuller for teaching us HTML to begin with, Ben for letting us use the coolest server Varlew, all people on IRC who gave us their (hopefully) constructive criticism, all the creators of other Chrono pages who so graciously (if unknowingly) let us use their media for ideas in the development of the page, and last, but not least, Akira Toriyama, Yasunori Mitsuda, and the whole original Dream Project team that produced Chrono Trigger, as well as the team responsible for Chrono Cross. Without you, we'd have better social lives but wouldn"t be nearly as happy! Thanks!

and the entire staff at the CSD