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The Chrono Series Database has been online since May 24, 2000 at 8:25:04 PM PST

Site news -- Almost Old Enough to Drink

Added: July 3, 2020 -- 12:38PM PST

A unexpected and wonderful email reminded us that a little over a month ago was the TWENTIETH anniversary of the CSD being online, which frankly blows my mind. This site was always a labor of love for Io and I, and though these days it remains up through a mix of stubbornness, nostalgia, and desire to have a time capsule of early 2000s internet, it makes us feel good that we can still reach Chrono fans to this day. Io has gone through the work of finding some new icons and cursors as a mini-celebration of sorts. Enjoy!


Site news -- Change, In a Way

Added: December 14, 2018 -- 7:08PM PST

An update?! Well, sort of. As part of a much larger project, the site has made the move from PHP to ASP.NET and as such is hosted in a different location on different infrastructure. Other than porting the HTML and code, I've left everything the same - including some of the super old, crusty HTML and JavaScript from over ten years ago - given at this point the site is pretty much a time capsule representing when I had the time and will to put the kind of effort into it. There should be 301 redirects from each PHP page to its corresponding new page, so links and search results should continue to work. Cheers!


Site news -- Even Fresher Sheet Music

Added: March 26, 2017 -- 1:07PM PST

It looks like Static has come through with some more user-created sheet music for Chrono Trigger - six tracks, to be precise. Thanks, Static!


Site news -- Fresh Sheet Music

Added: November 13, 2016 -- 1:57PM PST

Wait, what is update?! Believe it or not, yes! Between multiple other projects I'm involved with and being a viewer/streamer on Twitch, the site has fallen by the wayside for a while, but we recently received a new user submission. A reader by the name of Static has submitted user-created sheet music for three Chrono Trigger tracks, which I've added to the Chrono Trigger Sheet Music section. Marvel at the new content!


Site news -- Refresh

Added: May 5, 2013 -- 11:44AM PST

The first update in years isn't really much of an update, but I spent some time updating the code and markup of the site so it should be both cleaner and faster now. There are still a couple things to do but they should be fairly invisible to those visiting the site. Even if we're not really updating these days we're still around, so don't rule out additional content if and when we have the time!


Site news -- Public Service Announcement

Added: June 28, 2009 -- 11:10AM PST

Just a quick administrative update today. Some of you might have noticed that the site has been serving popup ads for a while now. This was never my intent. Years ago when the site opened, I made use of a web counter service called Nedstat. A couple years ago they were bought and became Motigo Webstats. For a period of time I noticed that when viewing the homepage in Opera or Internet Explorer, a popup would load. I didn"t notice it earlier because I use Firefox with NoScript as my default browser, but after some investigation it became clear that it was the doing of the Motigo Webstats icon I placed on the homepage for stat tracking. Because of this I have stopped using them and the popups should go away. You"ll notice that there are no banners or ads on the site and I"d like to keep it that way for as long as possible. Popups, particularly in this day and age, are simply unacceptable and for that I"m sorry.


Site news -- Small Update

Added: December 6, 2008 -- 4:20PM PST

Just a small update for now. I"ve added the Japanese and USA release dates for Chrono Trigger DS, as well as videos for two Japanese commercials for its DS release. In the future we should have things like name changes because of the updated script and details on the new areas in the game.


Industry news -- Chrono Trigger DS Release Date

Added: August 19, 2008 -- 1:49PM PST

According to this article over at Kotaku, the DS port of Chrono Trigger will be released in North America on November 25th. Rejoice!


Industry news -- Sweet Merciful Heaven

Added: July 1, 2008 -- 10:49PM PST

This is all I have to say. Not a confirmation of a DS Chrono Trigger but painfully obvious that it"s the case. Remake or port, I don"t care. The second it"s out, it"s mine.


Miscellaneous news -- Making Money with Chrono

Added: March 26, 2008 -- 12:26PM PST

A friend of mine alerted me to a link that compares the money you"d have made today if you bought stock in Apple in 1995 to the money you"d earn if you sold a sealed copy of Chrono Trigger on eBay, and well..I think we know where this is going. You can read about the power of the Trigger by clicking on this Video Game Price Charts link.


Site news -- Four Out of Four Stars

Added: August 10, 2007 -- 8:50PM PST

A Chrono Trigger review written by the always entertaining Tim Rogers has been posted by Action Button.Net, and not to spoil it or anything, but he gives it four out of four stars. The man is one who knows quality when he sees it - I happen to share his opinion that Super Mario Brothers 3 is the best video game of all time. Don"t even try to argue against it! You can check the review out over at Action Button.Net.


Site news -- Your Ad Here

Added: March 25, 2007 -- 12:32PM PST

I found some nice pieces of history today so I figured I"d share. I"ve put up commercials I found for Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and most interestingly the Satellaview. They"re all in Japanese so if anybody can translate them into English for me, I"d really appreciate it. You can find the commercials at the Chrono Trigger At A Glance, Chrono Cross At A Glance, and Satellaview sections, respectively.


Site news -- Fans are the Best

Added: February 02, 2007 -- 5:25PM PST

We"ve got two more fan submissions up tonight. The first is a page of homemade sheet music. Chip Zoller sent us his transcription of the organ music from the Manoria Cathedral. You can find it at the Chrono Trigger Sheet Music section of the site. In addition, Dave sent us a great piece of fanart featuring those creepy mutants from 2300AD. You can view his fanart over at the Chrono Trigger Fanart section. Enjoy!