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Sheet Music

Here are some scans of the piano score for Chrono Trigger.

If you don't feel like saving each individual file, you can also download a zip file of all of the scans right here.

We also accept user-created sheet music, so if you have a creative streak, send that too!

User-Created Material

Track Contributor Date Added
Black Omen Static March 26, 2017
Corridors of Time Static March 26, 2017
Courage and Pride Static March 26, 2017
Gato's Song Static March 26, 2017
Robo Gang Johnny Static March 26, 2017
The Day the World Revived Static March 26, 2017
Battle 2 Static November 13, 2016
Remains of the Factory Static November 13, 2016
Tyran Castle Static November 13, 2016
Manoria Cathedral Organ Chip Zoller February 2, 2007

Official Material

Track Pages
1-01 Introduction One
1-04 Peaceful Days One Two
1-05 Memories of Green One Two
1-07 Gato's Song One
1-09 Wind Scene 600ad One Two
1-10 Goodnight One Two Three
1-11 Secret of the Forest One Two Three Four
1-13 Guardia Castle One Two
1-14 Huh One Two Three
1-15 Cathedral One
1-17 Silent Light One Two
1-18 Boss Battle 1 One Two
1-19 Frog's Theme One Two
1-21 The Trial One Two Three
1-22 The Hidden Truth One Two
1-23 A Shot of Crisis One Two Three
2-06 The Day the World Revived One
2-07 Robo Gang One Two
2-08 Bike Chase One Two
2-09 Robo's Theme One Two
2-11 Battle 2 One Two
2-12 Fanfare 2 One
2-13 The Brink of Time One Two
2-14 Delightful Spekkio One Two
2-15 Fanfare 3 One
2-16 Underground Sewer One Two
2-17 Boss Battle 2 One Two Three Four
2-18 Primitive Mountain One Two Three
2-19 Ayla's Theme One Two
2-22 Magus's Castle One
2-23 Magus's Theme One Two Three
3-01 Singing Mountain One Two
3-02 Tyran Castle One Two Three
3-03 At the Bottom of Night One Two
3-04 Corridors of Time One Two Three
3-06 Schala's Theme One Two
3-07 Sealed Door One Two Three
3-08 Ocean Palace One Two Three
3-09 Chrono and Marle One
3-10 Wings that Cross Time One Two Three
3-13 World Revolution One Two Three Four
3-15 First Festival of Stars One Two Three
3-16 Epilogue - To Good Friends One Two
3-17 Ending Theme 1 One Two Three Four Five Six Seven