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Players: 1

Playable Characters Up to 45

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Released by: Squaresoft

System: Playstation

Release dates:

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Ever since its release in 1995, Chrono Trigger fans had been clamoring for a sequel to what many considered the best console RPG of all time. When rumors of a sequel for the Playstation first began to surface, they were met at first with elation, then gradual suspicion and opposition. Many longtime Final Fantasy fans were disappointed with the series's transition to the PSX, so many Chrono Trigger fans feared a similar fate for their series. Whether or not their fears were proved unfounded is a question that remains to be answered. The game has received countless praises by almost every critic who has reviewed it, but it is still a mixed bag among the fans. There are those who consider it a masterpiece and true sequel to Chrono Trigger, while other fans consider it an inadequate attempt. Regardless, Chrono Cross has made quite an impression on the RPG community.