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Chrono Series Database

Name Used by Comment
Amulet All Protect status
Bandana All +1 to speed
Berserker All Can't be controlled
Black Rock Marle, Lucca, Magus Invokes Dark Eternal
Blue Rock Lucca, Robo, Magus Invokes Mega Flare
Charm Top Ayla Ups Charm success
Dash Ring All +3 to speed
Defender All +2 to vigor
Flea Vest All +12 to magic defense
Frenzy Band All 80% counter-attack
Gold Earring All 50% extra to max HP
Gold Rock Marle, Robo, Frog Invokes Grand Dream
Gold Stud All Spell cost down 75%
Green Dream All One-time party revive
Hero's Medal Frog Ups Masamune Attack
Hit Ring All +10 to strike
Magic Ring All +6 to magic defense
Magic Scarf All +2 to magic defense
Magic Seal All +5 to magic defense & max MP
Muscle Ring All +6 to vigor
Power Glove All +2 to power
Power Ring All +6 to power
Power Scarf All +4 to power
Power Seal All +10 to defense, power, stamina
Prism Specs All Max attack power
Rage Band All 50% counter-attack
Ribbon All +2 to strike
Sight Scope All See enemy's HP
Silver Earring All 25% extra to max HP
Silver Rock Frog, Robo, Ayla Invokes Spin Strike
Silver Stud All Spell cost down 25%
Speed Belt All +2 to speed
Sun Shades All Ups power in combat
Third Eye All Doubles evade
Wall Ring All +10 to magic defense
Wallet All Makes experience gold
White Rock Marle, Lucca, Ayla Invokes Poyozo Dance