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Charm List

When reading this list, keep in mind that some enemies harbor more than one item, so the items listed are only what enemies give you the great majority of the time. Also keep in mind that this is in no way a complete list.

Enemy What you get
Alien Magic Tab
Beast Rainbow Helmet
Blob Magic Ring
Blue Beast Mermaid Cap
Flyclops Gold Stud
Fossil Ape Mega Elixer
Giga Mutant Wall Ring
Giga Mutant Hit Ring
Goon Nova Armor
Incognito Muscle Ring
Lavos Spawn Safe Helmet
Lavos Spawn Haste Helmet
Mammon Machine Mega Elixer
Martello Hyper Ether
Mother Brain Blue Mail
Panel Speed Tab
Ruminator Mega Elixer
Rust Tyrano Red Mail
Son of Sun Black Mail
Synchrite Gold Earring
Terra Mutant Power Seal
Terra Mutant Muscle Ring
Tubster Power Tab
Yakra XIII White Mail
Zeal Mega Elixer
Zeal (head) Mega Elixer
Zeal (left hand) Prism Dress
Zeal (right hand) Prism Helmet