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Chrono Trigger: Brink of Time

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Not your typical RPG soundtrack, but neither was the original. -- by Adam Corn

Chrono Trigger - Brink of Time is one CD where it's important to know what you're getting into before buying it. The music is in jazz, blues, light pop, etc. styles. If you buy this soundtrack looking for classical style, orchestrated tunes as in the Final Fantasy games then you will be thrown for a loop. It is not at all along those lines, but then again neither was much of the original music to Chrono Trigger.

These tracks are for the most part somewhat laid back. Few, if any, of them really rock, but you could say many of them groove with their smooth bass lines, funky guitar chords, and synthey melodies. All in all, it's cool hearing Chrono Trigger's music in these styles if they're your thing, but it's not nearly as dramatic as most other Square soundtracks. For me it works best as a secondary CD to pop in occasionally as a change of pace. I'm still dreaming of hearing Frog's and Magus's themes performed by a full, blasting orchestra...

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