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Chrono Series Database


Here we post stories written by fans of Chrono Cross. Enjoy them all, and submit your own work if you want to see it up here!

You can submit work simply by emailing us and attaching the fanfic to it. Make sure to also tell us what name you want us to use for the "Author" column and whether you want us to include your email address on the page.

Title Author Date Added
"Here's a Health to the Company" Anakerie 3/9/01
"Mourn Not the Fallen" Amanda Swiftgold 3/9/01
"Reality's Cross" Benjamin S. Avner 3/9/01
"The Sea of Eternal Tides" Michael Collins 3/9/01
"Reveal Me" Nik 3/9/01
"Wind and Sea" L. Malnassy 3/9/01
"The Chrono Trigger" Dark Ferret 3/9/01