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Chrono Series Database


In this section, we provide a number of musical tabs to allow aspiring musicians to play Chrono music. If you would like to contribute a tab to the section, feel free to email us with it in text format.

While you're at it, be sure to check out Video Game Jam for a huge selection of video game tabs.

Track Author Date posted
"Another Aruni" SJ 2/26/05
"Another Guldove" Terry Li 2/26/05
"Another Termina" Jonathan Bouldin 2/26/05
"Another Termina" Josh Boyle 2/26/05
"Bend of Time" Nathan B. 2/26/05
"Dragon's Prayer" W4lf 2/26/05
"Dream Fragments" Fin Nguyen 2/26/05
"Dream Fragments" 2/26/05
"Dream of the Shore Another World" Geoffrey Beint 2/26/05
"Dream of the Shore Another World" Kaka 2/26/05
"Dream of the Shore" MrSpiffy 2/26/05
"Radical Dreamers/Without Taking the Jewel" Matte Kettunen 2/26/05
"End Theme" Serey Siv 2/26/05
"Grasslands of Time" Walf 2/26/05
"Lost Fragment" 2/26/05
"Nikki's Concert" Eric Hansen 2/26/05
"People Seized with Life" SJ 2/26/05
"Previously Lost, Lamp" Stampeed 2002 2/26/05
"Radical Dreamers" SJ 2/26/05
"Time's Scar" Adam Estabrook 2/26/05
"Time's Scar" Matthew Jensen 2/26/05
"Time's Scar" W4lf 2/26/05
"Victory - Summer's Cry" Adam Estabrook 2/26/05
"Voyage - Home World" SJ 2/26/05